What are the best eCommerce platforms to sell your video games?

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There are many ways in which you can sell your video games, but the fact is that selling them online is the most convenient and efficient way to do this. With the help of online sales, you can get access to a larger audience and you can simplify this process because all you need is a working online store. What are the best eCommerce platforms to sell your video games is a common question today and we’ve created this article to provide a few answers.

The number of eCommerce platforms is growing, but not all of them are worth your attention. There are a few things that can help those who want to sell their video games online to make the right decision when they are looking for a good eCommerce platform. For instance, before you opt for any solution, you should calculate the expenses because most of these solutions are not free. Additionally, you can analyze things like the number of themes available, shipping options, ease of use, how long have they been present on the market, how many sellers focused on video games are using the platform and more. To make things simpler for you, we have created a list of great eCommerce platforms that let people sell their video games.


Established in 2008, Magento is one of the oldest and most reliable eCommerce platforms on the market today. It’s worth mentioning that eBay, the popular online marketplace, has bought this platform in 2011. We should also point out that Magento comes in two variants – Open Source and Commerce. The first version is completely free while the other one is a paid version of the platform. There are many built-in features present on this platform which means that you don’t have to add many extensions. From the dashboard, users can change languages and currency, create, use and customize discounts for video games, create coupons, analyze reports and more.

More than 250.000 stores use Magento today. Some of these stores are managed by brands like 20th Century Fox, Olympus and Time Out. There are many stores powered by Magento that are focused on video games. When users need help, they can reach to the big developer and user community present on this platform. Scalability is never an issue when you use this specific platform.


Shopify is among the most famous content management system and website builders out there, not only among those who want to sell video games online but also among those who are selling different kinds of products. This platform is perfect for beginners that don’t have coding knowledge or experience. Setting up an online store with the help of Shopify is very easy. Shopify also offers free hosting and the platform guarantees security and safety. Even though it’s focused on beginners, Shopify also includes sophisticated tools that can be used for customization purposes that are usually created by experienced and skilled developers.

So, it’s no wonder why more than half a million stores around the world are using Shopify to power their online stores. There are many well-established brands like Mozilla, Tesla Motors and Google that use Shopify. Of course, a few popular video game sellers are offering their products in online stores made and managed with the help of Shopify. The number of built-in features at Shopify might be a little bit lower compared to other solutions, but they provide access to more than 1000 apps and extensions in their app store. Many of these apps are completely free. We should also mention that Shopify provides easy integrations with all the popular social media networks and delivers professional customer support.

What are the best eCommerce platforms to sell your video games? , The Best Ecommerce Platforms to sell your video Games



First of all, let’s highlight the fact that WooCommerce is not a classic eCommerce platform that you can use to sell your video games. This is actually a plugin that can be used on just one CMS (content management system) and that’s WordPress. If you have an existing site, you can add an eCommerce feature with this plugin. If you don’t have a WP-powered site, you will have to make one before you can start selling games with the help of WooCommerce.

This is an open-source option that’s free to use. However, in case you want to use commercial plugins and customized themes, you will have to pay a certain amount of money. It’s also good to know that WooCommerce comes with a few built-in features like geolocation support, shipping, search engine optimization, tax calculations, modern shopping cart and more. There are over 1.5 million online stores that rely on WooCommerce. Some popular brands like Van Heusen and Home Depot use WooCommerce. Users get access to more than 4000 plugins and more than 1500 themes at WooCommerce.


BigCommerce is not as old as some other eCommerce platforms like Shopify for example, but thanks to their unique solution that allows users to sell different goods including video games online, it has grabbed the attention of online sellers. BigCommerce acts as a CMS system, but it also helps users with all the things they need to run a successful online store like domain registration, hosting, reporting tools, analytics features, SEO features and more. This is another solution that’s great for beginners because it has a lot of built-in options that are easy to use. To get a better idea of how this platform works, there are many training videos and written guides on the homepage of this platform.

BigCommerce is powering more than 100.000 online stores today. Some of them are world-renowned brands like Martha Stewart and Toyota and there are a few popular sites that are offering video games too. Some people might say that BigCommerce is a little bit expensive solution, but the truth is that the domain and hosting expenses are part of their plans. We should also point out that BigCommerce is an excellent solution for those who want to get the most from search engine optimization. There is a big developer and user community too.

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