The best eCommerce platforms to sell your video games

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Video games have become one of the primary forms of entertainment for people of all ages. In the past, it was just the teenagers that were waiting eagerly for the new titles, but now the situation is different. So, selling video games has become an excellent business and this is especially true for those who are selling games over the Internet. So, it’s no surprise why people are looking for the best eCommerce platforms to sell their video games.

If you have created a video game and you want to sell it online, it’s a smart move to invest in an online store that will let you sell your product without sharing your income with someone else. Luckily, there are many eCommerce platforms that can help you achieve this goal and in this article, we will analyze a few of them.


Shopify represents one of the most used eCommerce platforms today. You can use Shopify to create an eCommerce site focused on different products and video games are not an exception. There are a few templates that you can use if you want to sell this type of product. Select a theme that looks great and allows you to add high-quality images easily. When it comes to shipping, users can rely on Shopify Shipping. This feature lets you take care of shipping rates, use different shipping zones, provide the ultimate customer experience and more.

It’s also good to know that Shopify provides gift cards. These gift cards can be bought and sent to any person that the customer has chosen. In addition, they can be offered as part of a complex rewards system. Furthermore, with the help of Shopify, sellers can generate product variants. For instance, this option can be useful when people are trying to sell game add-ons or DLCs. With the help of Shopify, you can sell digital products too. However, in order to do this, you will have to download an app. This app is free so don’t worry about that.


Many people say that 3dcart is not as complex as Shopify or other popular eCommerce platforms, but for some people, this is exactly why you should try it when you want to sell video games online. Unlike other eCommerce platforms, 3dcart doesn’t separate its themes in different categories. You can search themes by keyword, but you won’t find many that match video games. That’s why it might be a smart move to browse the themes manually. We are sure that you will find more than one good option for your site. At 3dcart you will find a wide range of shipping options and solutions. This is one of their strongest selling points. With these options and solutions, you can follow and manage the shipping process in real-time.

You will find that 3dcart is a good solution when you want to create sales and promotion campaigns. There’s a special feature on the dashboard that lets you do this without any hassles. It’s also worth mentioning that there are ten different product option variants that let sellers customize their products. This option is useful when you are trying to sell game bundles, sequels, and add-ons. Finally, 3dcart makes selling digital products easy thanks to their eProduct feature.

The best eCommerce platforms to sell your video games , The Best Ecommerce Platforms to sell your video Games



Volusion is one of the biggest players in the market. This is a robust solution that should work well for most game developers who want to sell video games online without any hassles. To begin with, Volusion has more than 70 templates. We must mention that there are no themes categorized as gaming themes, but you should be able to find a few great solutions here by browsing all the themes. Once again, the best idea is to opt for themes that let you add images and videos. You can expect good shipping solutions here too. As a video game store owner, you should be glad to hear that Volusion provides flat rate shipping, free shipping, in-store pickup, fixed-rate shipping, and few other shipping solutions.

If you choose Volusion, you will be able to create different kinds of discounts and coupons for your buyers. You can customize these offers in any way you want. You can limit the number of coupons, set a type of discount, limit these offers by time and more. You can also use free shipping coupons, coupon codes, etc. Product bundling is allowed and this means that you can create special offers for gaming fans. Selling digital products via Volusion is possible, but they don’t have the best solution we’ve seen. In some cases, downloading digital content can be a little bit slow and users can download one file at a time.


Even the name of this eCommerce platform says a lot about the basic characteristics of the platform itself. This is a huge shopping cart platform that provides a wide array of options to video game stores as well as to other types of stores. When it comes to themes, there is a special electronics and computers page where you will find a few interesting themes. Don’t hesitate to check the rest of the categories present on this page. Shipping can be quite a complex activity when you are selling products online and that’s why the guys from BigCommerce have invested a lot in developing different shopping options. Everything about this activity is explained in details and made as easy as possible.

Another great thing about BigCommerce is that site owners can use gift certificates. This allows gamers to buy gift certificates from your online store and send them to anyone they want. There are also many product options and solutions available to store owners. This eCommerce platform has also developed digital downloads. Store owners are free to modify these offers in terms of quantity and time. All in all, BigCommerce is a good eCommerce platform for those who are planning on opening a modern online store where they can sell their video games.