Do you want to become a pro-gamer blogger? Here’s what you should do

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If you do research, you will find out that there are hundreds of thousands of blogs out there. It doesn’t really matter what kind of topics they are covering, you will notice that some of them are quite attractive while others are dull and useless. With a good blog, even seemingly boring topics like wielding can become interesting. If you want to become a pro-gamer blogger, you will already have an advantage even before you start blogging because gaming is a hot and trending topic these days.

Gaming bloggers have an option to write about different things related to this thriving industry like video game reviews, software developer reviews, gaming news, gaming consoles and more. But, just like in the case of other topics, you will have to create content that stands out. There are literally hundreds of pro-gamer bloggers and they are all doing their best to grab the attention of the public. We will use this article to help bloggers focused on professional gaming to learn how to become successful and how to monetize their work. After all, blogging can be a very profitable business if it’s done in the right way.

Be unique

This might sound like some sort of a cliché or something that most bloggers know from the beginning, yet many pro-gamer bloggers are trying to please the crowd and they are doing things that they believe that their audience will find attractive. This is not a good approach. You need to be yourself as a blogger. You must build a recognizable identity. Yet, you should be open to new things too because if you are doing the same things, your readers will know what exactly they can expect from you.

So, before you start blogging, you will have to come up with answers to many questions like whether you prefer PC gaming or console gaming. Xbox or PC? First-person shooters or strategy games? As a blogger, you are here to share your thoughts and opinions. Don’t make your pro gaming blog into another place where people can come to read lengthy, boring reviews without any emotions or a place where they can simply read news related to pro gaming. You might want to look at the work of other established bloggers in this industry to understand what exactly we are talking about.

Do your homework

Just like writing a school paper you have to conduct research before writing about games or creating video reviews about video games. The good thing is that instead of reading dozens of pages, all you will have to do is read the basic information about the game you are reviewing (release date, developer, etc.) and simply play it. Never write a review about a game that you have not tried. Playing a demo or a trial version is usually not enough for those who want to create a serious review.

Just like regular blog posts, your gaming blog posts must be researched well and they have to be engaging and informative. Needless to say, they must be accurate too. Of course, you don’t need to finish the game to the end (although it would be better if you can) or unlock every achievement to start writing. You should just check and try the features available in the game. Pro-gamer bloggers have to learn more about the story, characters, levels, powerups and other things that make the game interesting. Due to the specific nature of research, it might be a good idea to record your thoughts on a smartphone while you are playing and write reviews based on your experience after that.

Do you want to become a pro-gamer blogger? Here’s what you should do , Become a Pro- Gamer Blogger


Use different types of media in your content

What’s the best thing about video games? The fact that you will get access to unique text, imagery, and videos. This is a multimedia experience that captivates players for many hours. It would be great if you will be able to recreate this atmosphere on your blog too. So, when writing about a certain game, take the extra mile and try to gather different media files for the content. We are talking about animated GIFs, JPEG images of high quality, photos if possible, videos and other things. No one wants to read big chunks of text about a game without getting a visual display of that game.

Update your blog on a regular basis

Surely, it is possible to create evergreen content in the gaming niche, but in most cases, you will have to follow the latest news and updates related to the video games. We are not talking only about getting information about newly released video games or upcoming and most anticipated video games. It’s equally important to share updates related to existing popular games. For example, Counter-Strike: GO was released years ago, but over these years, this game has changed. From time to time, the developers behind this world-renowned game are providing graphics updates, new modes, new maps and other things that affect the gameplay in general. So, if you have written a review about this game 4 years ago, this review will be outdated today because a lot of things have happened meanwhile.


When you are sharing blog posts on your blog, you are trying to attract readers. But, simply writing and sharing posts is not enough. You should find a way to get feedback from your audience. What we are trying to say is that you should engage and interact with your readers. For instance, there might be some readers that will ask you questions in the blog commenting section. Make sure to answers these questions. Be prepared to receive criticism and opposing views. You should never argue with your readers. This should be easy because gaming is all about having fun and there’s no need to argue and fight over gaming preferences.

Hopefully, this short guide will help you learn how to become a pro-gamer blogger and turn your passion into a business.

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