Create & Design Video Games for Sale: A Short Guide

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Video games have become an instant hit from the moment they were introduced to the market back in the 20th century. But, it seems that their popularity has reached record high levels today and this trend is not going to change in the near future. Playing video games is no longer the favorite pastime of teenagers – people of all ages are playing video games. So, it’s no surprise if you are interested in learning how to create and design video games for sale.

Video game creation is a serious business today and many people that have started small are now managing multimillion companies. To be honest, the process of creating a video game is not simple, but it is possible to create and design games if you are ready to invest some money and energy into this process. We will use this article to show you how you can do this right away.


Getting prepared

First and foremost, you have to prepare for this process. The most important thing is to know what kind of game you will make – a platform or a strategy game? What kind of platform you will use for this purpose? What kind of features you want to add to this game. You should also pay special attention to the gameplay. Will the game include different levels? How fast can players reach certain levels? Will this be an online multiplier game or an offline single-player game? Will you use unique music and sounds?

Before you start working on a video game, you should be realistic. You can’t come up with a game like Assassin’s Creed if you are just getting started. This should not be viewed as some sort of a handicap because even simple video games have witnessed great success in the past. You just have to be realistic and know your capabilities at the moment. Finally, to get prepared in the right way, you will also have to analyze the hardware and software solutions you can use on your project. Try to use updated software and hardware in order to create a good modern video game that will be played well on different platforms and devices.

Assemble a crew

Remember that you can skip this phase if you are focused on the creation of small mobile games that don’t have stunning graphics and many features. However, if you want to create a professional-looking game that can help you earn some money, you will have to assemble of team which usually includes at least 5 people. Take some time to choose the right people for your crew – visual designers, programmers, level designers, audio professionals, modelers, etc. Of course, you will also have to think about the promotion and marketing of your game.

The next step is to come up with a design document. This is a document where you will highlight important things related to the design of your new video game like the character/s, the levels, the storyline, the gameplay and more. You might need help from other people during this stage. Even if you have completed all these phases successfully, you won’t be able to move on with the development of your video game if you don’t have the funds to continue. So, you have to do research and find a way to finance the development. Keep in mind that creating a simple small game on your own will require a small amount of money that you will probably be able to get yourself, but creating a good indie video game will require thousands of dollars.

Developing your video game

It’s obvious that the next phase in this process is to develop the game. At this stage, you will have to do the coding. To do this, you must select an engine and use tools (pre-built or completely new). Programming skills are necessary at this stage. After that, you must generate the content. Think about the characters, create game sprites, choose the environment, think about the objects, etc.

In addition to the crew you’ve assembled, you will also have to look for beta testers. These individuals have experience in playing games. They will check the game for bugs, but what’s more important they will tell you how the game feels and suggest certain changes that can improve the gameplay. Even when their job is finished and you’ve accepted their suggestions, you will still have to spend some period testing the game. You must use on different platforms and check all aspects of gameplay. To witness success, you must invest in promotion. Market your game when it’s finished. Offer it to companies that would like to sell it. Create deals that can bring you profit.

Create & Design Video Games for Sale: A Short Guide , Create & Design Video Games for Sale


Use resources that can help you create video games easily

If you are completely new to this market, you might want to check some programs created for beginners interested in making video games. Some examples include Games Factory, Game Maker and Atmosphere. With their help, you will be able to learn the basics of game making. It’s also a good idea to learn more about graphics software solutions that are used by individuals and companies for making and designing video games. To create visual elements for your product, you can use GIMP, Blender, Photoshop and other resources. Remember that the graphics play a crucial role in the success of any video game.

The fact is that you can expect to witness greater success if you are at least semi-pro in this field. Don’t hesitate to invest money in education related to video game creation. You can also work for another game develop to learn new things before you try building your own game. It’s also a smart move to become member of the game development community. You can do this both offline and online. In addition, you can also crowdfund to get the necessary funds to complete your project. Choose this option if you are completely serious about your project.

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