A Few Great Tips to Make Money Playing Video Games

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In the past, only teenagers and young adults were spending their free time playing video games. However, things are changed now and people of all ages, genders, and ethnicities are fans of video games. The best part is that players can now make real money while playing their favorite video games. In our guide presented below, we will share a few great tips to make money playing video games. These are simple tips that can help you earn big money and have fun at the same time.

Testing video games

We’ll start this list with a tip that requires a little bit more effort. Namely, there are many players that have managed to strike deals with video game companies that are willing to pay players to test their new video games. Test players can earn a decent amount of money and all they have to do is to be good at playing video games and actually play the games given to them. Companies are paying players to do this because in this way they can find bugs or improve their games in general.

You can also play video games and test them on channels created on YouTube and Twitch. In some cases, you can make money by displaying ads (PPC marketing), but it’s also a good idea to be active on platforms like this because you can create a base of fans that you can use for marketing purposes later. When you have thousands of followers, it’s very likely that you will get approached by companies focused on this industry. They can provide sponsorships and fund your channel or website.

Reviewing video games

The second advice we have is similar to the first one because it includes playing games and sharing your experience with the audience. But, in this case, you will be playing games that you are interested in playing and you won’t be working directly for a specific video gaming company. Once again, you will have to create a profile on a social media platform where players hang out like YouTube or create a website or blog. What’s important at this phase is to come up with a name that stands outs. Gamers enjoy following online celebrities that have catchy nicknames. Check the names used by other game reviewers to get a better idea. You should also invest in a good camera that you will use to film yourself.

As for the type of video games you should review, our recommendation is to review new video games regardless of the genre. Older video games are not very attractive and even if some players are still playing them, they don’t need reviews because they know everything about these games. To get noticed, you should ask your friends and family to share the reviews on their social media profiles or blogs. You should also use hashtags when possible. It’s a smart move to invest in a paid advertisement if you are serious about this venture. After you publish a few reviews and you have managed to build a following, you can contact video game companies and suggest cooperation.

A Few Great Tips to Make Money Playing Video Games , Tips to Gain Money Playing Video Games


Offering gameplay guides

Online presence is a must if you want to monetize your gaming activity in this way. It’s a good idea to launch a blog with the help of WordPress or other CMS that features gaming templates. On your blog, you can share videos or written content that can help players finish new video games. It’s highly recommended to open a Vimeo or YouTube account for this purpose. You will have to find the best way to record your gaming activity so you can share it with your audience.

It’s also a good idea to use AdSense or other PPC platforms that can help you earn money whenever visitors are checking your content and clicking banners. Remember that YouTube allows video ads and this is something that can help you a lot in earning money.

Participating in gaming tournaments

If you want to make money in this specific way, you will have to become a professional video gamer. You should be aware of your skills. To test your skills, you should play online against other players and analyze your results. You must know the game you’ve chosen inside and out if you want to win tournaments.

Many players have started in small tournaments with lower prizes just to check how good they are. In addition, these tournaments don’t have a huge number of opponents that you have to defeat in order to win a prize. Remember that some tournaments will ask for an entrance fee. Join them if you can afford it and if the potential prize you can win is worth it. If you win a tournament invest your winnings in a smart way.

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