6 Best Online Store Builders for Your Online Business


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Looking to start an online store? There are tons of e-commerce store builders in the market for you to choose from. Scrolling through your favorite search engine or friends’ advice probably left you overwhelmed and confused. Choosing the right website builder ensures that you can handle the design aspects, get value for your hard-earned savings and sustains your store adequately. If you are looking to narrow down to a list of the best tried and tested builders, then here it is:


Since Shopify was started in 2004, it has grown to serve over 500,000 online stores and has been the market leader. Shopify is the best option for both beginners looking for something straightforward, and old-timers with a massive sales volume. Shopify enables you to sell your products on Facebook, Pinterest and other social media networks via its multiple selling channels feature. To run your store effectively, Shopify’s app store has tools for all major business operations, from marketing, SEO, accounting, and social media. If you want to know more here we leave the following link: https://www.shopify.com/online

For clients on a budget, their lowest plan goes for only $9 per month, which you can integrate with a preexisting site. Otherwise, if you want a full-fledged store, the next plan, Shopify Basic goes for only $29 per month. If you would like to add some personal flair to your site, Shopify offers you ten free, and 145 paid fully customizable themes. You can also count on their reliable 24/7 e-mail, live chat and phone-call customer service desks.

However, you might want to know that Shopify charges 0.5-2% transaction fees for all payments made through external payment options. In addition to that, to further enhance your storefront capabilities, you will incur further monthly costs from purchasing third-party apps.


SquareSpace stands out from the pack for its elegant, sophisticated websites. If your priority is to have a stunning site for your online store, then SquareSpace is your best bet. While SquareSpace was built exclusively for websites, for an extra $26, you can integrate e-commerce functionality to your site. This gets you social media marketing, SEO, inventory management, payment processing and other basic features to get your store up and running.

Their themes are minimalist and as modern as you can get on the e-commerce market. There are third-party apps, or integrations, as SquareSpace calls them, but for better function, you are advised only to get apps supported by SquareSpace.

Their only catch is the lack of an abandoned cart recovery mechanism and limited payment options. SquareSpace only supports Stripe, and for other payment options, you have to integrate relevant apps.


BigCommerce is another excellent option for upcoming businesses with a quick tour and simple store editor that make s storefront design convenient. BigCommerce’s most significant plus is scalability; if your store is growing fast and tends to experience spikes in traffic, BigCommerce will adequately handle the load without any glitches. They have a tiered pricing plan, with the lowest level one, BigCommerce standard going for $29.95/month.

Storefronts built by BigCommerce are robust and come with the most crucial features built in by default. This ensures that you do not have third-party apps’ costs on your monthly bill. However, for extended functionality, you still get a ton of apps in their app store for marketing, analytics, stats and more. For store design, BigCommerce has ten free, and around 60 paid themes that are minimalist and will give your site a traditional, business look.

BigCommerce, however, has a relatively complex dashboard, which can be explained by the many ingrained features. In addition to dashboard complexity, BigCommerce paid themes are better than the free ones and cost up to $200 each, which is quite hefty.


Volusion is an excellent option for brand new companies, as they have low-cost packages that include the most crucial e-commerce functions. For as little as $15/month, or $13.50/month for an annual plan, you can list up to 100 products. They offer you over 100 themes for your site design and an FTP client for you to use advanced coding to customize your themes further. Volusion offers a storefront with many built-in features by default, such as product reviews and rating systems. Perhaps that is why their app store is rather limited, compared to Shopify and BigCommerce’s app stores.


Magento is the most unique among all online store builders. While the first four provide you with hosting solution, Magento requires you to host it yourself, simply put. Magento is open-source, which makes your customization options virtually limitless. Despite the technicalities with Magento, it is the most advanced and among the most used online store builder for enterprise companies. Scalability is not an issue with Magento, which is why the largest online stores prefer it. In addition to user-friendly code-editing tools, Magento offers you hundreds of inexpensive themes, costing between $50-100. You can also incorporate apps from third parties, and market your products using features like discounts.

The biggest demerit of Magento is the tech expertise needed to start and run a store. Unlike the others on this list where you start your store with a few clicks, here you might need to incur web developers’ costs and domain/web-hosting costs.


If you are in the creative industry, looking to tell your story with large, HD images and videos, then Wix is the solution for you. Wix is perfect if your priority is on the design aspect of your store rather than the functionality. They boast a selection of over 100 stunning themes; some built exclusively for e-commerce for your storefront. It is user-friendly as you can use drag-and-drop to customize your store. With Wix, you can start your store in minutes and effectively sell your digital and physical products, without worrying about tech experts’ fees. Wix sites load at high speed and are secure for all online payments.


The primary advantage of choosing online store builders is their convenience. You get a stunning, full-fledged store at a fraction of the cost you would have incurred for a custom one. Getting the right store builder is the first step towards tapping the infinite market on the internet.